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Are you a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop and are interested in serving our coffee or craft sodas?

We would be excited to have the opportunity to talk to you about our little business and delicious coffees and craft sodas.  We offer all of our single origin coffees in bulk quantities or we can sit down and create a house blend specific to your establishment.  Any house blends we create for you become dedicated to your business.  When your customers fall in love with your proprietary blend, you can even offer it to them as retail and add a new revenue stream to your business.
Our craft sodas can be purchased in case quantities of 16 bottles each.  We are always happy to discuss the potential for new flavors and combinations to fit your menu perfectly.
Are you a local retail store interested in purchasing at wholesale and carrying our coffee and craft sodas?
Absolutely, we are always open to wholesale opportunities and would love to place our products at appropriate store locations with great business partners.  We can provide a large varieties of coffees and craft sodas and different retail sizes and are always happy to support our partners with tastings and events.
Contact Us:
Email us at sales@madhollow.com to set up a time to discuss our wholesale options in person.


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